RC03 HammerHead
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Primary Roles -
  • Elite Patrolling Intruder
  • Recon & Destroy Fighter
  • High Altitude Reconnaissance Vessel
  • Low Altitude Ground-Penetrating Reconnaissance Fighter
Secondary Roles Super Escort
Weapons Partly Classified.
  • 2 Lasers.
  • 2 Spatial Disruptors (Doubling as propulsion systems).
  • 2 Missile Hardpoints.
  • Electronic Counter Measures.
  • Ground Penetration Electronic Interference Weaponry.
  • VIEW Technology.
Sensors Partly Classified.
  • High Power Xtradar.
  • Multispectrum Cameras.
  • Nuetrino-based Subsurface Scanners.
  • Super Radar.
Propulsion -
  • 3x GCN Zt750 Hyperdrives With Thrust Vectoring (Modified Zt500s)
  • 2 Nuclear Drives.
  • 2 Spatial Disruptors.
Cruising Speed Altitude, location and mission dependent.

Below 50 000ft (High Altitude Flight):

  • Mach 4.3

Above 50 000ft:

  • Mach 7.2 (Non-mission cruising speed).
  • Mach 9.2 (Recon. Mission Speed).
  • Mach 10 (Recon. and Destroy Mission Speed).

Low Altitude Flight:

  • Varied; between 350mph and Mach 0.95.
Maximum Speed Mach 11.2 (in Exospheric Flight)
ELA 65

One of the most specialized fighters ever created, the RC03 is almost not even a fighter at all. Like the ancient SR71, its primary purpose is to spy on hostile targets without being touched. However, unlike the SR71, it is a very capable assault vessel, and thanks to its lasers and other anti-aircraft weaponry, it can hold its own against less specialized fighters.

Due to its design, specifications and abilities, it has often been called the "Baby Helicoprion", though the two are largely unrelated in terms of origins. Like the Helicoprion, it is painted in adaptive materials that protect the body from the heat and stress of Hypersonic flight. However, it must be repainted after especially high-speed flights, just with less frequency than the SP17 as it does not fly above cruising speed for as long on most missions.

The SP17 Helicoprion and RC03 HammerHead are similar in appearance and role, but are mostly unrelated in origins.

History Edit

Specifications Edit

Weaponry Edit

The RC03's weapons are primarily defensive, though it does have an offensive capability (missiles can be carried on two hard points). Masked by it is size and apparent shortcomings, it is deceptively lethal in combat.

Defenses Edit

The RC03's defensive abilities are largely intended for fighting off other fighters, rather than attacking. Its defence systems are mostly classified.

Lasers Edit

The RC03 has one laser on either side of the nose. These are often used against enemy fighters during dogfights.

Spatial Disruptors Edit

The two, rear-facing Spatial Disruptors of the RC03 serve to deter attacks from behind, as they can severely damage enemy fighters at the structural level.

Missiles Edit

The RC03 can carry missiles in its internal stores, but just what missiles it can carry, and how many, is classified information. It has two external, retractable hard-points, for carrying Hellstoker, DealBreaker, or CatEye Missiles - generally, but can carry other air-to-surface missiles as well; without modification.

Propulsion Edit

The RC03 is generally powered by a combination of Hyperdrives and Nuclear Drives, but it can also use its Spatial Disruptors for an extra boost (during hypersonic flight).

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