Covert Alliances RISER Rocket
RISER Rocket
Type: Air-To-Air/Air-To-Surface Rocket
Warhead: Nitroxylene Gel and Smart-Impact Electrical Charges
Propulsion CAS "Sprinter" Rockets

RISER (Rapidly InteSifying Energy Rockets/Really IntenSe Energy) Rockets, are a powerful C.A.S weapon for air-to-air and air-to-surface combat. Their main role is in seeing off intruders during aerial patrols. RISER Rockets have a short lifespan and short range once launched, because their fuel and warhead are intertwined. Upon impact, the entire body of the rocket (made up of a "smart" flammable material) is burned up.

RISER Rockets are guided by either a beacon emitted either by the launcher, or by attachable trackers fired onto the target.

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