Covert Alliances Raven
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Covert Alliances Raven (Marauder)
Primary Roles Marauder
Secondary Roles Close Air Support, Maritime Patrol
Weapons 5 Hyper-fire capable Rapid Fire Cannons

Multiple Lasers (TODO)

Various missiles available on numerous hardpoints (TODO)

Sensors Unknown
Propulsion TODO
Cruising Speed Mach 1.75
Maximum Speed Mach 2.95
ELA Unknown

The Covert Alliances Raven is a "marauder" aircraft, as opposed to being a conventional fighter. It is rarely used in other roles and rarely fights alone, even though it is very capable alone. Ravens always travel in large groups, of up to 25, called Mobs. Mobs work in tandem to trap and secure difficult targets, such as aircraft carriers and mobile command centers

The Raven is notorious for being one of C.A.S' most intelligent fighters, and its pilots are equally some of the best in the field.


The Raven was created solely to be a "mobcraft" (maurader); an aircraft that mobs its prey into submission in order for the C.A.S to capture important targets. These targets may be hard targets such as aircraft carriers, enemy aircraft and even buildings, or soft targets, such as enemy soldiers. As such, the Raven was not given the heavy hitting default weaponry of its larger cousins, but rather outfitted with weapons meant to slow or disable targets without anhilating them.

Mob TacticsEdit

Main article: C.A.S Mob Tactics

Ravens attack in large groups called "Mobs", just as with the real animal. Each pilot and aircraft in the group is assigned a role depending on the status of the mission, and their roles change as the mission progresses. Thanks to the powerful A.I. systems built into the Raven, the Mob can coordinate itself such that accidental collisions are avoided easily, while also avoiding being shot down. In fact, the Raven has a very high success rate, with no Raven having been shot down in active service to date.

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