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Primary Roles Unmanned (Hypersonic) Recon And Destroy Intruder (U-RADI)
Secondary Roles None
Weapons -
  • Two Graveyard missiles.
  • Electronic Countermeasures.
Sensors Unknown
Propulsion 1 Nuclear Drive

2 Booster Rockets

Cruising Speed Unknown
Maximum Speed Unknown
ELA 15

A highly specialized off-shoot of the Enforcer family of drones, the Rectifier is an Unmanned (Hypersonic) Recon-And-Destroy Intruder (U-RADI). Its sole purpose is to quickly penetrate enemy territory, gather intel, disable or destroy any targets discovered, and escape before the enemy can respond.

Attack StrategyEdit

As a Hypersonic U-RADI, the Rectifier enters enemy territory at hypersonic speeds, gathering vital information along the way, and at the same time selecting any targets it can find. Once a target has been determined (this usually takes seconds), the Rectifier drops down to supersonic speed, fires off one or both of its Graveyard missiles, and exits the area at hypersonic speeds. As it carries no other weaponry, it relies solely on electronic countermeasures to defend itself against any attempts to take it out of the sky. Most enemy defenses are unable to get a lock on it in any case, and it can outrun most interceptors, including the GI175 SleeperShark.

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