Some attributes
Type: Recyclian Planet
Satellite(s): Shrelak'tiana, Recyklionah
Population: 175000
Mass: 0.7 Earth Masses
Recycliana (Secret Place Of Mysteries), the 10th planet in the Megachidnus System, is a relatively small (0.7 earth masses) planet notable for its mysterious appearance and composition. It is the first of the 4 Recyclian planets, which all share a strange feature, arcs of gas called "Reclia", which are ejected from geyser-like fountains on the surface, loop around in space (following magnetic lines) and flow back into the mantle of the planet through fissures in the crust. Recycliana is unique in that one of its moons, Shrelak'tiana, orbits within the flow of its sole Reclia. Shrelak'tiana is hidden completely by the Reclia's stream. Recycliana's second moon, Recyklionah orbits along the same path as Shrelak'tiana, but with 180 degrees of separation. The two moons can never collide. A similar arrangement is seen throughout the Recyclian Planetary Series, something which remains a mystery to science.


As with all other Recyclian planets, Recycliana has a very complex atmosphere, with properties not seen on many other worlds. For instance, the inner layers of the atmosphere scatter blue light, giving the sky a blue colour when viewed from within, but the upper layers produce other colours, including white, red, black, and various browns. It is not uncommon to see a blue sky with red clouds or a purple sky from the mixture of light between different layers.