The Red Lightning Logo.

A relatively new anti-GCN insurgency group that aims to dismantle the GCN's rule while preventing a major economic or social fallout. Unlike many other rebel groups such as the Roof Walkers, Red Lightning are idealists with a global focus. Though they are willing to form temporary partnerships with more powerful groups, such as C.A.S or the AFDL, they prefer to work on their own wherever possible, and are opposed to any organization that they feel will retain the ways of the GCN.


Red Lightning are a group of extremist idealists. They follow a set of limited, but strict principles.

  • Oppose but defend. This is the grounding principle of the Red Lightning organization. Every other principle hinges on this. They believe that humanity is inherently vulnerable to anything (be it a being or a system) more powerful than ourselves, and that any such thing must be opposed, while humanity (and all life) must be defended.
  • Protection of innocents. This especially refers to women and children, but is even extended to enemy soldiers if they are considered to be acting under coercion.
  • Preservation of life. Red Lightning believe in minimizing damage to the ecosystem and avoiding the use of toxic chemicals. Though they are not vegetarians, they believe that animal life should be carefully monitored and protected.
  • Negotiation before Action. Red Lightning prefer to negotiate before taking any military action, no matter how critical.
  • No one is a prisoner. Red Lightning will not imprison or torture anyone, even enemy generals.


Red Lightning are enemies of any GCN allies and proxies, including The Reclaimation. They oppose any organization that stands with the GCN or works toward their goals, but will, like the GCN use their rivals to their own advantage.

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