GCN EagleRay
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GCN Light Fighter - EagleRay
Primary Roles SP21 Companion, Light Fighter
Secondary Roles Light Interceptor, Light Intruder, Anti-tank and Anti-sub Fighter
Weapons Two 55mm Laser-Guided Rocket Cannons,

Two 37mm Guns (firing live-uranium rounds),

3 "Shootahkill" Lasers,

3 Plasma Rifles,

1 Eagle Ray Beam,

Weapon Quality Super Radar Technology

Up to two small or medium sized missiles

Sensors Unknown
Propulsion Two GCN X-i25 "Crammer" Hyperdrives
Cruising Speed Unknown
Maximum Speed Unknown
ELA Unknown

One of the earliest fighters developed by the GCN, the EagleRay was intended to be a companion to the more powerful SP21 TigerShark. It is a capable fighter on its own, but due to its limited weaponry and avionics, it is typically used as a trainer, or as light fighter against less advanced adversaries. It is the only fighter in history to feature a unique energy weapon known as the "Eagle Ray"


Notable victoriesEdit



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