SP22 GinsuShark
View In 3D: N/A
GCN SP22 GinsuShark
Primary Roles Heavy Gunship: Skirmisher, Flanker, Disruptor
Secondary Roles Marauder
Weapons *Two Hyper-fire Cannons on turrets
  • Two lasers (Pilot controlled)
  • Two spatial disruptors
  • Limited Electronic Warfare Suite
  • Underbelly Lamp for blinding enemy troops
Sensors Unknown
Propulsion Four Xi-33 Hyperdrives

(Has one nuclear drive; which does not provide propulsion).

Cruising Speed Unknown
Maximum Speed Unknown
ELA Unknown

A large, air-to-surface, low altitude skirmisher/flanker. It gets its name from Cretoxyrhina, a (believed) extinct shark commonly referred to as the Ginsu Shark, and the fact that it is used to break up enemy lines by slicing cleanly through them with its independent Hyper-Fire cannons. To achieve the best results, it has room for a gunner on either side, freeing the pilot to focus solely on flying. Though it has weapons for self-defense, these are mainly to be used in emergency situations. It is so specialized, that it requires the accompaniment of other fighters in most combat situations.

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