ST01 Scytheon
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Primary Roles Assassin-Class Intruder
Secondary Roles Classified
Weapons Partly Classified.
  • 4 Flat-round Hyperfire Cannons
  • 2 Hyperfire Cannons Firing Stabilized Carbon-tipped rounds
  • Anti-radar technology.
Sensors Partly Classified
  • Passive sensors.
  • Satellite assist.
Propulsion Classified.
Cruising Speed Mach 1.7
Maximum Speed Actual max speed classified.

Released data: Mach 2.13

ELA 45

No bark and all bite, the ST01 Scytheon is an Assassin Class AFIS, meant to be neither seen nor heard, but definitely felt. It is literally invisible to radar, and can even employ an optical cloak. Its design, material composition, and even its electronics, were crafted with the purpose of stealth in mind. It has no radar signature when viewed under conventional radar systems, and a negligible signature under Super Radar.

To make itself even more secretive, it has no radar of its own, nor does it emit conventional communication signals over radio or quantum messaging. Instead, it relies on an innate ability to detect the signals of other fighters (its main prey), as well as the signals of specially outfitted drones that help to coordinate its missions.

The ST01 is further guarded from detection by an engine system designed to minimize the production and release of heat, while still providing adequate thrust. It has no nuclear engines or powerplants, as found in other GCN fighters, because these produce their own signature emissions.

As a result of its design and build materials, it is extremely lightweight. It also carries no missiles or bombs, as these would increase not only its weight, but the chance of detection upon launch.

Instead, it relies solely on a number of immensely powerful Hyperfire Cannons, which fire a mind-boggling 500(?) rounds per second; without the use of explosives. The damage inflicted by these lethal weapons is mainly caused by the velocity (and thus momentum) of the tiny projectiles on impact, rather than explosive materials.

When tackling enemy fighters, the ST01's onboard AI detects a blind spot, and then works along with the pilot to find an appropriate pathway of attack, which can maintain the element of invisibility. Most enemy pilots never know what hit them, either because they never see it, or because they are dead.

This combination of stealth and fire power makes the ST01 a much feared piece in the GCN's arsenal. Even so, it is rarely used in direct fighter-to-fighter combat. Rather, the GCN uses the Scytheon to take out enemy targets in pre-emptive strikes, usually in air-to-air combat, inside of enemy territory.