SX7 CookiecutterShark
View In 3D: N/A
Primary Roles Light Intruder, Intruder Trainer
Secondary Roles Ambush Predator, Fighter Killer
Weapons Partly Classified.
  • Sonic Weaponry in the nose
  • 4 Missile Hard-points for HellStoker (Air-To-Air/Air-To-Surface) or Whiplash Missiles (Air-To-Surface)
  • Internal stores for missiles and bombs
Sensors Classified.
Propulsion Three hybrid Nuclear/Hyper Drives
Cruising Speed Mach 1.25
Maximum Speed Mach 7
ELA 21

A light intruder and trainer, the SX7 CookiecutterShark, like the shark from which it takes its name, was made to take on enemies much larger than itself.

Much information regarding the SX7 is classified, as the GCN considers it to be one of their most critical pieces of weaponry against Red Lightning and CAS. It is able to penetrate deep into enemy territory before the enemy can react - delivering a payload of up to 4 HellStoker or Whiplash missiles.

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