Silencer Missile
Type: SRS (Super-Radar-Seeking)-Cruise Missile
Warhead: TNT/Hydroxylene Explosive Packs.
Propulsion Two Hyperdrive-rockets.

A hypersonic SRS-Cruise Missile, the Silencer Missile was created for one purpose; to seek out and destroy enemy Super Radar emplacements. It has a very high success rate, and has rarely ever been stopped in real world battles.


A SP17 Helicoprion intercepts a Silencer Missile in space during a mock interception. The SP17 is one of the few fighters in existence that is fast enough to catch, and keep up with the Silencer Missile.

The Silencer Missile is too large to be carried by most fighters and bombers, so it is usually launched from the ground, or from space (on a mothership). Once launched, it receives no input from ground or satellite control, but rather relies on its own systems to sniff out its target. Like an owl listening for mice, it uses two sensors, one on either side of the nose, to determine the distance, location, and strength of enemy Super Radar systems. Once the enemy radar has been locked onto, the Missile will use it both to make its way home, and to avoid obstacles. This way, it needs to emit no radar signature of its own, and with its speed, design, and build materials, it is hard to lock onto and shoot down.

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