The Ta'Elan SkyCleaver (ShaKrakanah) Missile is a Surface-to-air/Air-to-air anti-aircraft missile. "Related" to the Catagenesis Missile and Slizhen-Da Missile, the SkyCleaver gets its name from its method of splitting not only its targets, but the surrounding air, with its ginormous warhead, Freezer Cannons, Friozha Cannons and Thionic Drive. On impact, both its warhead and engine explode.

Like the Catagenesis, the SkyCleaver is a multi-stage and multi-purpose missile, and can perform multiple missions before (or even without) detonating its warhead. Thanks to its cannons and lasers, it can fight like an a warship/fighter plane, and with its onboard AI, it can even coordinate missions with other missiles.