Spitting Cobra
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Primary Roles LEAP Enabled Assassin.
Secondary Roles Anti-tank/Submarine Helicopter.
Weapons Partly Classified.
  • LEAP Technology.
  • One Hyper-fire Supergun (Nose).
  • Two rapid fire cannons.
  • Two hyper-fire, Ultra-long-range "Sniper" Cannons.
  • Spatial Disruptors.
  • 4 Missile Hard Points.
Sensors Partly Classified.
  • Multispectrum Cameras.
  • Ground-penetrating Xtradar.
  • Ground-penetrating Super Radar.
Propulsion All Electric.
  • Non-vented Nuclear Drive Powered Main Rotor.
  • Two Tail Rotors (for balance).
Cruising Speed 235mph
Maximum Speed 475mph
ELA Unknown

A LEAP capable, Assassin Class Attack Helicopter. Will be featured in Mission : Illumination - Bad Omen.

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