Tallium 80 is the first element in the Tallium 80x Series of the Tallium Family Family, and often considered to be the most volatile kind of Tallium in existence. It is a true metal, with a large number of high-energy valence electrons, and normally exists as a thick, black or dark-blue gas. In this form, it is heavier than water, but due to the nature of its atoms, it does not easily form a liquid, and cannot become a solid. Tallium 80 is highly reactive, and explodes on contact with oxydizers. It also causes a very unsettling effect on most metals and on biological tissues, such as human skin. It causes them to bubble and "boil", as well as to "rust", while quickly heating up, eating away as if being burned by acid. Due to these properties, Tallium 80 is often used as a weapon, such as in the Tallium 80 Missile.

In its weaponized usage, Tallium 80 is especially dangerous because it not only eats away at the structrue of its target, but also knocks out electronics by overloading them with high-energy electrons, causing a circuit overload that is often impossible to recover from.

Physical PropertiesEdit

Tallium 80 does not exchange heat easily, and therefore remains a gas within a wide range of external conditions. Rather than changing its own temperature, Tallium 80 maintains its temperature, by translating heat first into magnetism, and then into electricity or light energy. This property makes Tallium 80 difficult to store (a property shared with other members of the Tallium 80x and 40x Series).