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Type: Super-earth
Satellite(s): None
Population: 1.2 Billion

Teros (Place of Terrors), the 9th planet from Megachidna, is a large (2.7 earth masses) rocky planet, with an unusual composition and harshly stormy atmosphere. Its orbit is close in timing and distance to that of Mediosa, which it closely resembles in many aspects. Teros is an important technological centre in the Ta'Elan Empire, and many Ta'Elan technological breakthroughs have been made here. It is also an important political icon, as its rugged terrain and stormy atmosphere are attractive to dissidents and organized criminals. The Axis has often used Teros as a hiding place, building or borrowing temporary bases (in association with criminal leaders or rebels), then launching surprise attacks on the normally well informed Ta'Elans. This long history of strategic importance, coupled with its rich resources, has made Teros a critical treasure to the Empire. Due to the combination of its reputation for being a criminal hideout and in part to its formidable climate, Teros is often called "Teros the terrible".


The Terrian atmosphere is similar to those of its closest neighbours, Mediosa and Mediana. However, the Terrian atmosphere is richer in water vapour and Nastium Oxide. It is also rich in Califoolium Oxide, a dusty material found mainly in the atmospheres of dryer planets and moons (including a moon that bears the same name "Califoolium Oxide"). Due to the composition and thickness of its atmosphere, Teros has a high atmospheric pressure.

Atmospheric Composition:Edit

Inner Atmosphere (Terrasphere):Edit

The inner atmosphere is strikingly similar to that of Mediosa, consisting mostly of nitrogen and oxygen (70% and 19% respectively), helium (6%), argon (1%), and water (1.5%), with other components making up the rest.

Middle Atmosphere (Nasosphere):Edit

The middle atmosphere on Teros makes up its Nasosphere, and is thicker than that of Mediosa. It is also rich in lightweight hydrocarbons, such as methane, making it dangerous to fly in with conventional propulsion systems.

Terrosphere (Storm Layer)Edit

The outer atmosphere of Teros is the most dangerous level of its atmosphere. It is thick, rich in water vapour, and stormy. This makes it treacherous to enter, and thus relatively safe from intrusion.


Like Mediosa, Teros lacks true continents, but otherwise, its surface is very earthlike. However, it lacks any form of plate tectonics. Due to the presence of Nastium compounds in most of the rock on the surface, Teros appears naturally green or blue on much of the surface. This often misleads first time visitors to believe that it is covered in vegetation or algae. As on Mediosa, Gold, Silver, Nastium, Volantantium , Oolium, Foolium and Nicotallium are common on Teros in the form of mineral deposits.

Topography Edit

Teros is notorious for its rugged terrain. Most of the planet is littered with mountain ranges, deep valleys, and treacherous rivers, complete with raging rapids. Natural hideaways are formed by its numerous caves, gorges, and mountain craters.