Tetanion B
Tetanion B
Tetanion B-Shield
Some attributes
Type: Super Earth
Satellite(s): Bloom, Prosper, Grow
Population: 1200 000 000~
Mass: 2.1 Earth Masses
Tilt: 14.5°
The second planet from Tetanion Prime and the sister planet of Tetanion A, Tetanion B is a pre-terran Super Earth. As one of the most valuable economic and military hubs in the known universe, along with its three moons, Bloom, Prosper and Grow, it is the most heavily defended territory of the council.

Tetanion B and all three of its moons have two rings each.

Similarities To Earth Edit

Atmosphere Edit

The atmosphere of Tetanion B is strikingly similar to that of Earth, with the major difference being a higher level of inert gases such as Xenon and Neon being found in abundance near to the surface, and a lower level of oxygen (and higher levels of Nitrogen).

Gravity Edit

Tetanion B has a gravity of 1.75 g, though the full effects of its gravity vary across the surface, especially in areas high in Tallium x, which dampens gravity.

Surface Edit

Even before colonization and the introduction of life, Tetanion B was rather Earth-like in that is has rich soils, a wide variety of environments (though most of the planet is temperate or tropical), and vast amounts of flowing surface water.