A secretive alliance of nations which function indepently of the GCN to produce technologies, weapons, and economic transactions. The alliance was instated through smaller alliances between member states, which still persist, and hence the plurality of the name "The Covert Alliances". The Covert Alliances are also referred to as "C.A.S", an abbreviation, and "(~)", from their symbol.

The C.A.S alternate logo.

The GCN is well aware of the existence of C.A.S, but is unable to disband them due to clauses within the GCN's foundational international laws. The facts that C.A.S exists, wield as much power as they do and even possess their own military might, has been an uneasy thorn in the side of the GCN for many years. This has led to an arms race between the GCN and its allies, C.A.S, and their mutual enemies, such as various organized piracy groups and TCOA. This arms race is commonly referred to as the Second Cold War.

Member StatesEdit

  • Africa (African Defence League)
  • Antartica
  • Argentina
  • Barbados
  • Britain
  • Canada
  • Europa (Independent Dominion of Europa)
  • Japan
  • Southeast Asia

Military PowerEdit

C.A.S is notoriously well armed, having created their own Aircraft, Ground Units, Marine Units and Spaceships.


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C.A.S.I.A, or the Covert AllianceS Intelligence Alliance, is the intelligence arm of the Covert Alliances.

The Standard C.A.S.I.A Logo.