Valius Prime
Valius Prime-Shield
Some attributes
Type: Super Earth
Satellite(s): Emerald, Mouon
Population: 75000+

A wet, cave-covered super-earth in the Valius System. It orbits a small, blue main sequence star, Valius, and is a major GCN industrial hub. As a result of its economic implications and surface properties, it has been established as a GCN military outpost.

Climate Edit

Valius Prime has a perpetually rainy climate, with little seasonal change outside of a rise or fall in the frequency of rainfall. The entire planet is temperate to tropical, and there is no snow even at the poles.

Clouds are a fleeting sight on Valius Prime - most clouds dissipate as precipitation before long.

Topography Edit

The entire surface of Valius Prime is riddled with caves, rivers, swamps and vast salt flats. It has few elevations higher than a few hundred meters. Despite the presence of planet-wide river systems, there are few river valleys, as the constant runoff of sediments from rainfall ensures that few surface features are permanent.

Satellites Edit

Valius Prime has two natural satellites. It is orbited from time to time by GCN research and military satellites, but there are no permanent artificial satellites.

Emerald Edit

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Known as the "Jewel World", Emerald is covered in natural gemstones, but most interestingly, is sorely lacking in the jewel that gives it its name. Emerald also has super heavy elements Nastium and Tallium X. These elements provide the moon's natural glow. GCN scientists had yet to understand their potential usage when the Ta'Elans came to earth.

Mouon Edit

Main article: Mouon

The smaller of Valius Prime's moons, Mouon, pronounced "moon", is a rocky ice world. It is habitable, however, and has a small permanent population.