Venom/Sea Venom
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Axizian Hornet killer, Venom
Primary Roles Hornet Killer
Secondary Roles Varied
Weapons Unknown.
Sensors Unknown
Propulsion Unique Axizian Propulsion Systems (TODO).
Cruising Speed Unknown
Maximum Speed Unknown
ELA Unknown

The Axis Venom/SeaVenom is a warship specifically crafted to destroy Ta'Elan Hornets. Its design is inspired by the design of the Fuegorecytallian Dust Hornet. Few ships can deal as much damage at once as the Venom. Created for the sole purpose of giving them a usable weapon against the Hornets, the Venom (Sea Venom) is an amphibious, interstellar capable heavy fighter vessel, packed with powerful weaponry and acute sensory equipment. It is the only Axizian attack ship that can detect even some of the most advanced Hornets while they are in cloak, and can destroy the majority of small to medium Hornets one on one.

Its names (Venom/SeaVenom) come from two of its abilities: the ability to act as a submarine, and the ability to "poison" Hornet electronics.

Against the lesser developed fighters on earth, the Venom is pure overkill, and without the help of the Ta'Elans, there is little chance that the forces of Earth could withstand a fleet of Venoms. However, the Venom's main weakness is that it was designed for one on one or many on one combat, and not for air-to-ground or one on many combat. Its underbody energy weapons are powerfully effective against other ships, but not so much against ground targets, because of their massive spread.


When the Axis came upon the Ta'Elan civilization, they were stunned by the level of defences an Empire with so few enemies could muster. The Moth, though powerful against ground-based targets, proved to be meaningless against the much more agile and agressive Hornets. The Axis also found that their smaller motherships, such as the Lancia and Ultimatum, were no match for Ta'Elan motherships such as the Tikkion and Gi'Arranah .

In an effort to gain ground in Ta'Elan territory, the Axis tried to use bribes and alliances with Ta'Elan rebel groups in order to get Ta'Elan Hornets for reverse engineering and combat, but the Ta'Elans proved too crafty. The backup plan, securing drop zones from the Ta'Elans, was a suicide mission - Ta'Elan dropships like the Xisskon and Arakanah made light work of Axizian dropships. This left the Axis with one option. Improve or give up.

The answer was the ultimate Hornet killer, the Venom.