Some attributes
Type: Earth Analog
Satellite(s): None
Population: 22 000 000
Mass: 0.82 Earth Masses

The second planet from Sol and the second largest of Sol's rocky planets, Venus was also the second to be terraformed (after Mars), and the only one to have had its rotation altered (sped up from hundreds of Earth days per rotation, to just 1.4 Earth days per rotation). The transformation of Venus is considered to be one of the most extensive planetary conquests in human history. Due to its relatively flat surface before terraformation and the result of action taken to get it to rotate faster, the venusian surface is now mostly covered in water, with over 80% of the landmass being submerged in at least 3ft of water. Much of this water is in the form of ice, as the speeding of Venus' rotation has led to a significant lowering in its rate of surface heating. Along with its vast oceans, Venus is also surrounded by thick, misty clouds of water vapour, which are especially pronounced toward the south pole. These clouds act as a barrier to at least some of the harmful radiation that bathes the planet daily, but also provide a cause of concern for the Venusian Planetary Council, as there are fears that Venus could return to its prior state as a runaway "Greenhouse" Planet.

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